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What service can Sather's Service provide for you? Below are many of the services that Sather's provides its customers. NOTE: Although you can gather most of the information you'll need from the links provided, it is best to call for a price quote, to determine the availability of a certain product, and to ensure you are getting the most out of your money.


Here at Sather's Service we take pride in our workmanship. Although we are are only human and mistakes happen we take every precaution to ensure that you are taken care of to the best of our ability.

We want nothing but the best for our customers which is why we install INTERSTATE BATTERIES

With so many tire options and so many different ways to purchase your NEW tires, let Sather's Service take the hassle out of it for you with next day delivery/installation of any and all major brand tires available.

Offering the Orfordville/Evansville/Brodhead area the convenience of Uhaul Truck & trailer rentals to help make your move as easy and safe as possible!


With every oil change comes a complete inspection of your vehicle. This includes checking/topping off all fluids, proper inflation of tires, tread depth check, tire rotation if necessary, air filter service, & battery/alternator check.


Sather's Storage is a 10 unit storage shed with each unit measuring 10 ft by 20 ft . Call for availability!

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