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Sather's Self Serve

I know some of us might be wondering what is going on 'across the street' at Sather's Self Serve (a locally owned, 24/7, pay-at-the-pump gas station) so I thought I would give you a little insight.

We received a grant from the WEDC (Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation) to help fund the renovations of the building at Sather's Self Serve. With this grant we are doing a number of things and if you have driven by recently you probably noticed a few changes.

The addition that was added on to house the walk-in-cooler was taken off of the original building as was any other addition that had been added on after the original building was built.

After the demo was completed, that left us with the original building, which was constructed in 1958 and was originally a Standard Station with a store front and a two bay service garage where where they sold and installed tires, did oil changes, pumped gas and many other automotive related tasks.

Now that you have an idea of what the building use to look like back in the mid 1950's, picture it looking just about like that but with today's craftsmanship and upgraded materials.

The building is not only going to have a fresh look inside and out, but it is going to have a completely new purpose. Yes, there are going to be garage doors, yes, it is going to look like a service garage from the 1950's, but it is actually going to be a deli. A deli that is going to have the feel of a year round farmers market. It will be bringing in locally raised products to stock and sell on the shelves along with house made sandwiches, coffee, soft serve ice cream and so much more!!

I don't want to give away too much so soon so you will have to wait until we are open for business this Spring! Can't wait to see you here for the Grand Opening!

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